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“I say” protested the Abbot “this is most unusual... Hey! Careful!”

“Oops! Sorry. Is that too tight?”The spurs gave a tinny rattle as the Mother Superior tested the tension on the ropes holding the Abbot to his bed.

“I'm not sure that I am liking this. ”muttered the Abbot.“ Um...what are you going to do with those scissors? Oh, really now! That was my best shirt! want to stop now...not do have warm hands...”

A multitude of feelings - vulnerability, anticipation, apprehension, and even, yes, arousal, (he was in no position to hide it) all jostled for space in the Abbot's mind - but none of them matched the sheer terror that he felt when he realized that the Mother Superior was climbing onto the top of his wardrobe.

If he had not been totally absorbed by the sight of the large, wobbly body on top of his wardrobe, wearing nothing but spurs and a pair of crutchless leather jodhpurs he would have seen the following message on his computer:


Good News and God bless.Trully a lovely certificate indeed but what i will like you to do now is start very fast and travel down for the receipt of this fund ok with regard's to our plans.

There is no trouble at present, remember that you are tavelling down to london as the bonefide owner of this fund.There is no stress and question to ask to you hence your document's are certisfied.Actually,Mr.HUBERT AKUDO the lawyer that i was invited to propel the processment of all the vital/relevant document's for you boy TUCK grew annouyed because of delay's and inconviencies that cropped-up along the line while this transaction was progressing,buti delightedly thank the Almighty God today that the new lawyer did his job very very perfect to our interest.Glory be to the LORD,Amen!.The Lord is good all the time.

Kindly bear in mind that you are to go down to london to receive this fund on behalf of the humilated family of Late.Mobutu,make arrangement for the safe-keeping and the investment prospects thereafter ok.Everythings is left at your care,so take control alright!.I shall be sending to you first thing by tomorrow morning of the particular's of the Finance/Security firm in London for you persual and your hosipitality while you arrived London.

I shall be here in Africa to monitor events while God leads you down.All is well ok.

Awiating your response while i remain with ken interest in advance,

Yours Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.


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