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It was some hours later that the Abbot ventured out from his wardrobe to find the following message on his computer:

Attn:Mr.Abbot Costello,

I highly acknowledged with thanks the receipt of your message,contents dully noted accordingly.

What does he want? A joke? wondered the Abbot with some irritation.

Yes, you are saying the truth.The early the better ok.Immediately after getting the confirmation of your travelling arrangement to get to me.Please do pardon Tuck as a Christian.I am very very happy you have done that.

Postumously, perhaps.

Attached below are the documents at your persual for presentation to the security immediately on your arrival in London to ascertain you as the bonafide beneficiary of this fund before any release of the fund could take effect.

Anticipating to hear from you soon while i remain,

Your's Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot put his suitcase on his bed and started packing for his trip.

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