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The friar had detoured to the monastery kitchen on the way back to his room and had a small plate of rolled pork as a trophy. It made him think of Sister Lily White. When he had finished it, he licked his fingers, wiped his face with a napkin and wrote the following:

Dear Mr Justice,

You are indeed a blessing. I trust the Lord finds you well and truly.

I have attached the copy of my passport but I have just realised that I have not done the letter of guarantee that you requested. Can that wait until tomorrow? After I write this I must attend to the Abbott's bunions.

Please, kind Sir, I did not mean offence when I said that I was not sure what should be written in a letter of guarantee,it is just that I have never had to write one before.

I will do my best, tell me if it does not meet your needs.

I am confident that it is best to do this transaction as an agent of the monastery. Firstly as members of the monastery we do not have private bank accounts and secondly it will mean that there would be no impediments to using the money for the building fund.

I must admit that I have not told the other of my order about this transaction. I have anguished over this issue. It is probably not a good feeling for a friar to have but I have been thinking about how proud I shall be when the others see what income I have brought the Monastery.

So, for the moment this transaction is just between the two of us. Do you understand me on this matter?

Bless you, Sir.

Yours in Christ,

Friar Augustus Tuck.

For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips
Let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and
lying which they speak.

- Psalm 59:12 <

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