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“How was I supposed to know it was your pet?” said Friar Maryland.

The Abbot looked at him with the sort of look that placed him fairly on a spit of his own, but said nothing. He turned and walked off.

“It's very tender. You should try some!” shouted Friar Maryland after him.

The Abbot stormed into his room and slammed the door.

There was a message on his computer:

Attn:Mr.Abbot Costello,

Thanks very much for your kind reply and correction so far.I am highly delighted with you and wish to let you know that i will like you to inform me in advance as soon as possible when you will be travelling to London next week for the receipt/claim of the fund so that i would pass your arrive information to them overthere and for them to prepare to receive you.

The lawyer have less to do by monday with regards to the changes because all the documents was started with the name of your boy Tuck before you emerged as his Boss which i appreciated.Before noon on monday all the document's will be alright and will be at your persual.

Kindly pardon Mr.Tuck no matter what wrong he has done to you ok.We are christains and must surely remain firm in christlike.Bring him nearer to you while you are about to travel because he have to look after the church.I mean you are to travel alone as the bonafide beneficiary of this fund.But remember that you will compensate him after the transaction.Just do him good after everything ok.

I'll compensate him alright. Why did he let my goat go?

Hoping in hearing from you while i remain with keen interest,God bless we all in Jesus Mighty Name i pray Amen!.


Yours Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

More and more, the Abbot was looking forward to London.

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