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The Abbot was happy. He had his goat back. A troublesome Friar had left, saving him from the paperwork of a dehooding, there was money on the horizon. Admittedly there was a lingering vision of a giant pink amoeba in crimsom knickers to deal with... He put it from his mind and went back inside.

There was an email on his computer:

Attn:Mr.Abbot Costello,

Thanks very much for your keen responce,content's dully knowledged in good faith and confidence.

Dully? wondered the Abbot.

I shall proceed to submit the change of the information's to the lawyer by monday morning next week.I wish to let you know that this transaction is very sensitive and must be handled with absolute secrecy and confidentiality.That is the bond i had with your boy Friar Tuck when we started so that it will not sound questionable at your place of receipt ok.

My boy Friar Tuck, indeed!

To this development,the information that requires changes are your name as the present bonafide beneficiary because the paper work has been started with the name of your boy Tuck,while i hope the remain the ( A/C Name ) remains the same ( ST.RUMPET'S MONASTERY & ORPHANAGE,MERRIE LANE,CASSOCK -AUSTRALIA.

A/C NUMBER:-4554-5677


Kindly reconfirm this above information immediately before i would expedite further action.

God bless we all in Jesus Mighty Name I pray,Amen!.

Thanks and best regard's,

Your's Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.

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