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“So how did you get here? ” asked the Abbot.

“Maaa! ” said the goat.

“Did you escape from Friar Tuck? ”

“Maaa! ”

“However you got here, I happy about it! ” declared the Abbot. “Now, it looks as if we have another email... ”


This is to inform you that few minutes after i might have sent message to you,the lawyer called me from his office to get me alert that the approval's will be alright by tomorrow if ever i can produce as soon as possible of your personal information which is what is holding right now.

The information's required are as follow's:-

1.Your full personal name and surname.
2.Your personal address and passport photograph for self identification.
3.Your telephone number's/fax number's respectively.

All this are neccessary to fasten the final proscessment's of the document's on your behalf and in your favour.

Kindly do this immediately now so that i can forward it to the lawyer to avoid any excuse from him by tomorrow.Send all this needed information now now and today.I would like to comply to this urgent directive's,receive this fund personally by yourself before being logded into the Monastery bank account under your supersivion.

Waiting in hearing from you while i remain keen interest in advance.

God is in total control.

Blessing Justice.

“Yeah. Whatever. Let's put you to bed. We both need some sleep.” said the Abbot.

“Maaa! ” said the goat.

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