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The Abbot lay there in the dark, wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him.

There was another little cough. He knew that cough!

He sprang from bed and switched on the light. “Mildred!” he exclaimed.

“Maaa!” said the goat.

Attn:Mr.Abbot Costello,

I acknowledeged with much thank's the receipt of your letter today and will not fail to give you nothing but the good news alway's ok.

Was that a double negative wondered the Abbot.

Your travelling to London will be highly effective after you might have received all the approvals document's from me with regards to the promise and assurance the Attorney gave me by yesterday.I am still waiting to hear from him by tomorrow.So, if positive i would forward it all through attachment file document to your persual immediately and all the London information's will be passed to you for an immediate contact as soon as possible ok.

Notwithstanding,the lawyer is producing your Certified Certificate of change of Ownership,Certified Certificate of Deposit respectively.All the document's will ascertian you as the bonafide beneficiary of this $25.000,000:00 ( TWENTY-FIVE MILLION ) Dollar's only in which after all the successful and progressive receipt of this hugh fund,the monastery will receive their 20% according to the promise's and guarantee given to me by Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko whiloe still on exile.

Note:Immediately after this transaction,i mean after your receipt of this fund at London and coming back to Australia,she will visit your Church on your behalf to start business prospect's of her family.Please,i am not a muslim.I am a christain by birth by name blessing ok.Here i laugh.

Well, I tried.

God bless we all,Amen!

Sincerely Your's,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot scratched the goat's ears as he read the message. He was happy.

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