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The Abbot sipped his black coffee and re-read the email message in front of him. It clearly told him NOT to go to Western Union.

Attn:Mr.Abbot Costello.

I somnly trusted you with my heart but i am very every surprise that you are talking to me any how.

I wonder why that is? mused the Abbot.

Listen very anthentively,i have told you early that i am toatlly committed but you cannot understand what i am saying about.Now i am highly interested to spend my money for you on respect of the progresive aspect of this transaction just to see that thing's went accordingly ok.Please don't to go to the western union money transfer on monday like you said but remember that hence i continue telling you that i am committed,i mean it is a challenge to me ok.

This was the bit that puzzled the Abbot. Apart from the general unintelligible nature of the whole thing, the Abbot wondered if the Western Union bit was a misprint. Only one way to find out, he thought.

I am promising to pay for the $3,600 dolar's charges cropped-up for you to just to acquire the relevant document's to ascertain you as the original bonafide beneficiary of this fund of $25.000,000 million dollar's only.

How much?

Just give me few day's to sort out thing's before you can sight the fund into your church bank account with me.After your receipt of the vital paper's at your persual,i will have a meeting with the bank director's and executive's to know when you will be receiving this fund officially with immediate effect.Never you disappoint me thereafter for we are dully assisting a humilated family still on exile.Feel free to reply asap.

God bless you for your kind expression's indeed.

Thank's and best regard's,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot looked at the screen and shook his head.

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