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The Abbot nudged the empty bottle with his foot and watched fascinated as it rolled across the floor. He was drunk and he didn't care.

A beep from his computer signalled incoming mail. He went to the computer and tried to focus:

My dear Abbot Costello,

I highly acknowleged with thanks the receipt of your letter dated 9th,february 2003,contents dully understood very well.

Dully? What with the dully, he wondered.

Very very traumatic day for the news that i am hearing fom you today,but i am surprise to hear from you that i should not put my words to your case with Mr.Friar because you knows him better than me.There is no trouble.

Good for nothing son of a fenny dog!

I said that you should forgive because as a good christain like you because i strngly believed that without forgiveness there will be no sin.So,we should learn how to forgive and forget for christ-sake ok

Oh thaw shing, that's easy for you to say!

What is confusing about the $25.000,000 :00.I am saying twenty five million dollars but you are writing twenty-five billion.Point of correction,and what concern the authorities when this fund comes into your country while it is coming directly to the bank account of the monastery.

Don't you point that correction at me, boyo...

You are to send $3,600 to the lawyer who will help to propel the acquiring of all the vital documents on your behalf and to speedy this transaction for effective and immediate transfer to you.There is nothing confusing.Yes,it is you that puting misunderstanding and confusion to this point of time ok.It is not $3,000,it is only but $3,600. The $1,800 is part-payment which Mr.Friar have to pay before the lawyer will commence his job but when you come to proved to me that you are the brian behind the monastery bank account,let us forge ahead and share money together.

Yes! I am the brian! But my name's Andrew...

You are trully confused.Just send the money to the lawyer first things by Monday morning next week,leave the issue of bank account that got lost and get your private bank account for this transaction or you should forget everythings regarding to it ok.

Money? What money?

Use the possibility and do it directly from your own funds if you are sure of what you saying or leave this transaction for God sake because i am totally committed to a Widow and her children.Do you know that?.There is nothing like legal complications for me,do what you are suppose to do and leave the rest of this transaction for the transfer procedures for me please.

Whatsyorstory? I never touched the woman.

This is my last word and advise to you.

Thank you. That is a blessing. Good night.

Remain blessed,

Kindly Your‚s in Sincerity,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot went outside, threw up in the lavender and came back inside.

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