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The Abbot was getting annoyed. Where was his egg? It was most unlike the catering people to be late.

He turned on his computer and found the following message:


Thanks very much your kind recognisation of my keen appreciation to you.

Actually I can see that trully you are the head of the Monastery and strongly believe that you will reach a compromise in understanding realy what is going on now which i felt is at the interest of the monastery ok.It is just the way Almighty God want me to help his house and follower's respectively.

Let us not misunderstand ourselves for i can see that you are working accordingly to the rule's and regulation's abiding the monastery.I acknowledged you request for forgiveness and never you be confused again ok.What is the total amount in question to transfer is nothing than $25.000,000 million dollars.Yes,it is only $25.000,000 million dollar's.I am absolutely sure alright.

The Abbot looked at the figure in disbelief. I don't believe it, he thought.

Now that you said that i should leave the case of Mr.Friar for you and that it is an internal affair and I shouldn't interfere,there is no trouble but remember that i have gone at lenght with in favour of your ministry,do you know that?.Are ready now to pay the Attorney money or not?.There is nothing uncertain in it about what i mean when i talk of $3,000.Please a point of correction,it is not $3,000 but $3,600 dollar's.That was where the $1,800 part-payment i am demanding from Friar cropped-up.

Demanding? What is going on here?

Are you now ready to send it to the lawyer on invitation at the attention of MR.HUBERT AKUDO or not,through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER as soon as possible?.We have delayed too much time because of the case of you and Friar.Just send this money directly to the lawyer,then leave everyother thing concerning the immediate transfer of this fund to the monastery bank account.The lawyer is charging this $3,800 for procurement of the CHANGE OF CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT,CHANGE OF CERTIFTICATE OF OWNERSHIP,AFFIDAVITE and HIS handling fee respectively but is the church account safe to receive this hugh fund at your persual?.Put me clear now you are in control so as to avoid any mistake please.Send thsi money first thing by tomorrow morning friday so that the lawyer will start his good job by monday next week ok.

Furthermore, Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko is waiting while still on exile with her humilated children overthere in morocco today.She is very very aware that it is the church that assisting her for the security and safe-keeping of this fund in Australia.

God bless you while i remain,

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

There was a knock at the door. At last! My egg!

“Enter, Ovulating one!” he cried, swinging open the door.

“WHAT did you say?” asked the Mother Superior. The Abbot opened his mouth but no sound came out. The Mother Superior looked at him. He looked at the Mother Superior. Nothing seemed to be happening. The Mother Superior then uttered those fateful words, guaranteed to get the Abbot's mind and body into motion:

“Your car appears to be missing.”

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