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The friar pushed the last of his things into his case and closed the lid with a definite 'click'. He had had enough. Permission or no permission, he was leaving. He looked around him and said “Bah!”.

“Maa?” replied the goat.

He paused to read a message that had appeared on his screen:


I have acknowledged the receipt of your letter,content's dully noted accordingly ok. Just feel free and relax.I am totally at your side,come rain and sun.I will not disappoint you.The lawyer is going finish his good job as soon as possible.I will call at the attention of the lawyer first things by tomorrow morning for him to receive this number and go along with my secretary to the bank for the collection.
How much did you send to the lawyer,it is not mentioned,why.
Could you open a new email address for the security of this transaction to the finished point.I am not happy that your Abbot could open your mail to read your mail,but why?. Should this fund be transferred to the monastery bank account while you are to be expelled.
Note:Mr.Abbot have been writing me but i never give him audience,do you know?. (Sure!) Well do not worry for God is in control seeing everything but remember that i will not fail you and your wife ok.So, whenever he comfront's you,just tell him that you are no more interested to do this transaction again with me.This is just to scare him away from this business ok.I want you to rejoice with me after this transaction in good faith and confidence.
Remain blessed in Jesus mighty name i pray,Amen!.
Best regard's.
Your's Faithfully,
Blessing Justice.

He turned the computer off, wrote '2 Kings 7:7' on the mirror with soap, picked up his case and, leading the goat, walked out into the fresh morning air.

He was crossing the quadrangle when he met Sister Leia Fection taking a poached egg to the Abbot for his breakfast. He whispered in her ear for a moment. She put down the egg and the three of them walked towards the gate.

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