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Friar Tuck was feeling good. He had a roast dinner under his belt, a belt of brandy after his dinner and Sister Lily White had winked at him when she handed him a second helping of Spotted Dick for dessert. A crude comment that he had one that wasn't spotted got him an enouraging giggle. With an ear out listening hopefully for a knock on his door he sat at he computer and typed quickly:

Dear Mr Justice,

Praise the Lord! I am so happy that I caught you in time and that together we can do great things. The building projects at the monastery have been stagnating the last few months for want of ready funds and your kind benevolence offers us much hope.

The bank details that you request are

Account Name: St.Rumpet's Monastery and Orphanage
Account Number: 4554-5677
BSB: 083-731

I will need to visit the town to get my passport copied. It is quite lucky that I have one at all. I was one of only two of the brothers who attended the world conference, Monky Business 2002, last year. As a rule we do not travel much.

I will send that tomorrow.

I will also send you a Letter of Guarantee, though I must admit I am not sure what should be in one. Do you have preferred wording for it?

I must the bell is tolling for the evening arrival of the Sisters of the Divine Contractions.

Bless you Sir, bless you and the fruit of your loins!

Yours in Christ,

Friar Augustus Tuck.

Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth:
My flesh also shall rest in hope.

- Psalm 16:9

He clicked on 'send' and turned off the computer. As he disrobed he heard a gentle knock on the door...

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