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The Abbot was a worried man. He had sent a most inappropriate email off to someone who promised to be a great benefactor of the Monastery. How could he undo the damage of such an indescretion?

A 'beep' from his computer alerted him to incoming mail. Relieved, he read the following message:


How are you?.You should not be embarrassed ok. Can you fastly see for the success of this transaction as i have understand that you are the power behind your church bank account.

This transaction demand's urgent attention with secrecy and confidentiality.

I will like you to use this opportunity to source for the fund raise of the monastery. Actual my help to the monaastery is very very benevolence.Your contacting me is absolutely good ok.I have stopped all the arrangement made with your junior in the church Mr.Friar to see that this fund arrived to the monastery's account as i can see that it want to crop up misunderstanding within you people.

Yes! thought the Abbot.

Now are you ready to carry on the transaction in good faith and confidence with me or not?.Are you ready noiw to pay the legal charge's to the lawyer to handle this transaction on your behalf.The manastery is receiving 20% of the total amount of $25.000,000 million dollar's involved.

That amount CAN'T be right, thought the Abbot.

There is never time i am hasty and i never say that i have given your percentage promised to the monastery by Mrs Mobutu to the lawyer ok.Understand me very well while reading my mail's.I said i have paid a part-payment of $1,800 for the $3,000 the lawyer required from Friar so that he can commence his legal duty but due to the fact that i have seen that dealing with Friar in continuation as far as this business is concern is a risk because there is an upper hand like you Mr.Abbot.Am i right?.


I receive your prayer and the divine guidance.All is at the monastery advantage but i never believe all that is happening.Please let PEACE reign in the house of God,In Jesus Name I pray amen!.Forgive Mr.Friar for what ever wrong he has done to the church,and retain him as your fellow christain please.

“What's it to you, money bags!” he said and the realised that having bags of money often permits you to ask for favours. But forgive Friar Tuck?

note:You are receiving your percentage of 20% of the total sum of $25.000,000 million dollar's for transfer after all the vital document's has been acquired to ascertain you as the bonafide beenficiary of this fund as the next of KIN.Now kindly send $3,000 dollar's only to the lawyer to start the paper work on your behalf before any transfer could be made which will take effect under my jurisdiction here in my working place as the Chief Accounttant.Just do what i told you and leave the transfer procedures for me ok.If i may ask,is the church ban acount safe for this fund,because i am totally committed to the Mobutu family still on exile today overthere in morocco?.

So where do I send the money?

God bless and thanks very much for your effort's.

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot felt euphoric at the thought of the money. He looked at the brandy bottle but did not touch it.

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