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Conciousness returned slowly and painfully to the Friar. He was dreaming of being set apon by two giant penguins and the cold fingers of reality probed into his conciousness like waves assaulting a shore.

He opened his eyes and closed them again. He cautiously felt his head. He seemed to have more lumps than he remembered.

He go to his feet and washed his face at the bowl; if he saw that the heart on the mirror had been rubbed out he didn't show it. He dried his face tenderly, reading the following message on the computer screen as he did so:

Dear Friar,
Yes, I repeat that after this transaction your life and the life of your family MUST surely change just to put shme to the devil ok.Do not worry too muc for God is seeing everything. It is a most distracting feeling.You have to stand very firm in serving christ and he will never fail you on respect of this transaction.I have to say that The Abbot is not a good Christian because i can not se why he should be humilating and intimidating you for trying to source financial assistance for your church.
I am at your side and waiting for you now till friday morning,without any result from you,i will stop communication's with you ok. Hurry up IF YOU MEAN BUSINESS. Forget the ABBOT and the church please,let us forge ahead ok.I will send to you our corresponding bank account oversea's as soon as possible by next week,so hurry up now.
God bless you,

The sooner I am out of this place the better, thought the Friar.

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