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The Abbot put down the brandy and turned to type a letter. He looked back at the floor where the brandy glass had landed and made a mental note to put it down on the table next time and giggled. He wrote:

Good Sir to you day!

I've been drinking about you a lot of today has been a good day. A dandy day. A brandy day! A dandy bray! A donkey day!

I'm really conflaminfused about what you was saying about the money. Do you really truly want to send mosuch money to us?

Your a mood gan Mr Justice, the moodest of gens.

Jessing on your blustice Sir, deeply felt so.

I will reprayer for you in my members.

Cheers darling,

Abbot Costello.

And he drank of the wine, and was drunken;
And he was uncovered within his tent.

- Genesis 9:21

The Abbot got up to walk to his bed, stepped on the broken brandy glass and swore.
He limped to the bed and fell asleep on top of it.

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