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The Friar had started to answer the email when the Sister returned with some milk.

“Keep going” she said, “I'll make the coffee.”

The Friar wrote:

Dear Mr Justice,

Thank you for both your emails. It would
appear that the Abbot has read my emails
while I was indisposed. As Abbot he does
have the overriding password for all accounts
should he feel the need to check them.

The Sister put the coffee down on the table and stood behind the friar as he typed.

It is a security thing as we are not supposed
to be doing anything nefarious. There was one
unfortunate scandal where Friar Fotheringill was
found to be receiving newsletters from Morris Dancing club.

The Friar jumped a little as her hands came over his shoulders and started rubbing his nipples. The sensation was not unpleasant but he thought of Sister Personified and felt a twinge of guilt. “I think it would be best if you went now” he said.

“In a minute” she said. Her fingers pinched his now aroused nipples.

Valiantly, he tried to keep typing:

I am greatly excited by your words that after
this transaction my life shall surely change.
It is, I believe, a titillating time of my life.

Her hands moved down the front of his tunic. She felt a flutter of anticipation cross his stomach and smiled.

And yes, you are most correct, it is a temptation time.
I feel the fingers of temptation probing through the
cassock of my life as I type right now. It is a most
distracting feeling.

She knelt on the floor beside him and rested her head on his thigh. Her hand rubbed his calves. “Don't mind me,” she said, “Finish your letter.”.

My resolve is being sorely tested. That is an odd
phrase, don't you think? Sorely tested. I think it
must be possible to be pleasantly tested, too.

Her hand was exploring the underneath of his thighs.

Have you ever felt this way Mr Justice? Possibly not.
Few people but a Scotsman can feel as vulnerable as
I do to temptation.

The Friar was wearing nothing under his cassock and was finding that, in the battle of mind over body, body was winning.

I find myself quite firm now.
Firm in my resolve to be an upright man.

Sensing that she had his attention, she had pulled up his robes and was gently carressing the current centre of his physical universe.

I am surprised that you say that The Abbot is not a
good Christian. What stimulated you say to this?
Do you have evidence at hand? Can you be more forthcoming?

Sisters were not supposed to have long finger nails but Sister Lily was using what she had to good effect. With a heroic effort the friar continued typing.

I will hurry up as you request. I can feel the need
to reach a hasty conclusion becoming quite urgent for
me. I must discharge my duties sooner rather than later.

The Sister looked up at him wickedly. The friar gulped but made no move to stop her.

The church account you mention should be usable as
long as I can bring this matter to a head before next Monday.

He rested one hand on her shoulder and typed slowly with the other...

Tomorrow I must get the Abbot to release me.
I feel the dam is about to burst for me.
The pressure to go is growing by the minute.

The sensations he was feeling became both unbearable and irresistable.

Lo, I come!

Time passed. The friar felt the blood returning to his brain. He looked and the woman kneeling beside him and smiled wanly. He didn't like this woman, why had he let this happen? “I think you had better go” he said softly.

Now I feel quite drained.

I will go to the bank on Thursday.

The Sister made no move to go.

Yours in Christ,

Friar Augustus Tuck,

Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me.

- Psalms 40:7

“I suppose there is an explanation for this?” said a female voice from the doorway.

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