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“Can we talk?” she asked.
“I must tell you that I am going to marry Sister Personified” said the young friar nervously.
“That's fine, I just want to talk. There's no harm in that, is there?”

She took his arm and lead him back inside.
“Let me make you a coffee.” she said.
“I'm afraid I don't have any milk” replied the friar.
“That's OK. I will pop over to the kitchen and get some” she said and disappeared into the night.

While she was away the friar read the following on his computer:

My dear Augustus,

It is really a temptation time.How are you and your family today?.I hope fine.We thank God.

The devil is a great liar ok.Just leave the monastery and never you disclose anything about this transaction to anybody,but franklly speaking,i wonder how your Mr.Abbot come across your email address and passport.Are you telling me the truth?.

What is he saying? The friar checked his emails and saw that the Abbot had answered one and forward others to his own address. He frowned and read on.

All is well.I am strongly assuring you that as soon as possible the lawyer aquired all the vital paper's it will be very very easier and quicker for this transaction be completed.Believe me,use whatever money you have saved through your life in assisting this widow for your miracle is on the way.We are sharing this money together i promised you and believe that after this transaction your life will surely change ok.Mr.Abbot is not a good christain.

Yes, my life will surely change, Mr Justice.

Well everything is still on target.Go now and send this money to the lawyer.Hurry up.

NOTE:For the security of this transaction,please alway's write me through Is the church account safe again for this business because of what is happening now?.Can your provide your private bank account or do you need Online banking so that you will not be worried.Advise.

God bless you and me too.

God bless us both!

Blessing Justice.

The Sister had not returned yet so he did a quick tidy up of his room.

But he left the soap heart on the mirror.

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