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Friar Tuck is back in his room. He has been lying on his bed for some time, thinking.

Finally he gets up, turns on his computer and reads the emails.

He writes the following to Mr Justice:

Dear Mr Justice,

I must apologise for a quite impressive cock-up.

I have not told anyone else this but I am going to leave the monastery.

I am going to ask Sister Innocence Personified to marry me and I hope that the money that will come from your transaction will help us set up for a happy life together, far away from the prissy busy-bodies of the monastery and the convent.

How quickly can this transaction be completed? I will use what little money I have saved through a life of frugal abstinence to assist you so that we can share the final money and I can secure a stable future for myself and my wife to be.

Please tell me if everything is still going to plan.

Once I know that everything is still on target I will go and send you the money.

Yours in Christ,

Friar Augustus Tuck

Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

- Psalms 33:22

The friar got up from his computer and walked out into the quadrangle and looked up at the stars. He stood like this for some time. A figure appear out of the shadows. It was Sister Lily White...

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