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Mr Blessing Justice seems to be reassuring:

Attn:Augustus Tuck,

I have been committed like as i told you before and will never go back ok.

I am a man of dignity and strongly believed that promise is a debt.I have emailed Mrs.Mobutu after writing you this morning and to brief him of the present situation of this transaction.

To prove my stand and position with regard's to this fund,i have paid the lawyer the mobilisation charges of $1,800 and assured him that you will be ready to pay him the balance after all work well done.

All is well in Jesus Mighty name i pray,Amen!.

The monastery are the blessed people ok.All the hand work of God.The lawyer wil start his job by monday next week and have given me assurance to produce al the vital document's before wednesday.

With God all thing's are possible and one with God is majority.

Remain blessed,

Your's Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.

The Abbot re-read this a few times. “Well, he seems to be quite an affable sort of chap!” he decided but he was somewhat confused by Mrs Mobutu being called 'him' and the lawyer bit had him confused. Could it be that the monastery wasn't going to get the $1,800 after all?

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