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The Abbot has had a busy few days. The local papers have been interviewing the teacher and a TV crew has camped outside the front gates of the monastery.

Friar Tuck has been put into the punishment cell pending a decision on his future. Sister Personnified has been similarly confined by the convent.

Friar Balsalm cmes to the Abbot's romm to inform him that there are a number of emails on the friar's computer that he should read and possibly act on.

The first reads:

Attn: Mr.Abbot Costello,

I am totally disappointed by Mr.Friar Tuck after much disclosure of this transacton in good faith and confidence,and to assist the building projects at the monastery which has standing very stagnating for over few months now just for want of funds.

Now that my kind benevolence offer's the monastery a great opportunity and much hope which is absolutely God's intervention,but very very surprising i come now to see that the monastery is not standing a good positon to receive this blessing under the supervsion of Augustus Friar Tuck.It is very unfortunate indeed.

You should not do anything dishonourable to him ok for he is an opportunist to assist your good house of God ok.Getting my email is to fasten this transaction for the monastery is receiving 20% of the total fund involved after all successful wire transfer of this fund to the monastery bank account with me,and that will be after procurement's of the vital document's to ascertained the monastery as the next of kin of this fund that belong's to the Late.Mobutu Sese Seko former late President of Zarie Republic now Congo who died on exile in morocco.

Answer's to your question's below:-

I am Mr.Blessing Justice,a Chief accountant with a National Bank here in Cotonou,Capital city of Benin Republc here n West/Africa today.

The secret question's and answer is for the security of the $1,800 part mobalisation fee charged by the lawyer on invitation outside my duty post who will help Tuck secure affidavit,change of certificate of deposit,change of certficate of ownership with Mr.tuck's name officially so that your church bank will not ask questson durin time of receipt over there in Australia.The attorney charged $3,600 BUT to collect part-payment legally before commencing his job.

Kindly free to ask more question's and note very well that you are in betterposition to let him accomplished the goos work Heavenly God has started on hm ok.

Below is the intial proposal,

My name is Mr.Blessing Justice.I am a Chief accounttant with a French National Bank here in our country Cotonou-Benin Republic.

I am writing to intimate you of an urgent assistance for the immediate transfer of the sum of $25,000 million dollar's directly to your designated bank account in your country.

All modalities for the transfer will handle with your provision of your banking particular's as soon as possible to start the procurement of the relevant document's with your name and bank paper's,and in your favour as the bonafide beneficairy of this fund at stake.This fund was deposited into our bank by Late.Mobutu Sese Seko formerly late President of Zarie Republic,presently called Republic Of Congo here in Africa before his sudden death while he is on exile in Morocco.

With regards to my discussion's with his Wife Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko on her last visitation to my office,she has mandated me to source for a trusted and God fearing personality who will stand out to claim this money for her and her children for their oversea investment project.

So, if you are highly capable and is in good position to help this humilated family still on exile today in morocco,you will be enttled for 20% of the total amount involved for your christlike kindness after the transaction,and your assistance will be needed to receive this fund,keep it very save and direct her Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko to a profitable business to invest her own share of the fund at your persual.

NOTE:This is a RISK-FREE assistance,and you are early informed that while this business progresses,everything reagrding to this fund MUST be conidential and secret.I will use the virture of my position in the bank to secure all the neccessary approval's so that this fund can be transfered immediately to your account while Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko will be meeting you in your country after the receipt.

Kindly confirm your interest to assist while I remain your's sincerely,

Yours Sincerely,and God knows better,

Mr.Blessing Justice.

“What on earth is this all about?” the Abbot wonders.

He forwards this and two other waiting emails to his own computer and heads back to his room.

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