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There is something about an isolated park, warm sun, a tartan blanket, a basket of good food and wine, and young love that makes for a most potent combination and almost invariably leads to a coupling of kindred spirits in a most physical and intimate way.

Be that as it may, the image that presented itself to the shocked gaze of Mr Ernest Stern and the twenty five young students in his Year 5 nature study class was one that can only be considered extra-curricular.

“I say Sir! Sir! What are they doing, Sir?” asked a spotty little boy called Adrian.

The ernest Mr Stern was intent on finding out and stormed across the clearing and stood beside the pulsating entanglement.

“What is the meaning of this? ” he said but if they heard him, they ignored him.

He placed his foot on the friar's backside and pushed firmly. “Now what do you say? ” he demanded.

“Thanks! ” said the Sister.

Attn:Mr.AUGUSTUS TUCK, Good morning to you and how are today?.I hope fine.

Well i am still waiting to hear from you by tomorrow with regard's to your letter of yesterday,but note very well that it is important we hurry up to the mandate i solmnly promised Mrs.Mobutu.

Today is the last day of the month of April,for i thought you will follow up tomy advise as one that this transcaton is been confide on but unfortunately i can see that you are always a busy man in Christlike.

I can see that you are tryng and certainly would never set out to make me a liar as you said yesterday,i am expecting to hear a positively from you by tomorrow for it's the last chance,i cannot be waiting just like that while the time goes ok.

Let our steadfastness in God,courage,wisdom and ingenuity to this transaction give us the great opportunity to weather any storm that will come across while ths transacton progresses,and i am strongly assuring you that after your accomplishment of your promise by sendng this money to the lawyer directly and it's receipt,leave other thing's concerning you sighting of this fund into the bank account of the Monastery for me ok

Do not forget to attention it to :-


God bless you,


Faithfully Your's,

Blessing Justice

The Abbot was worried. One of his friars was up for public indecency charges, as was a sister from the neighbouring convent, and now he was finding messages that talk about secret questions. Was his friar a spy? But who for? The Mormons?

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