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The early morning sun woke the Sister and she arose and dressed herself. The friar was sound asleep as she slipped out into the cool morning to return to the convent.

It was some hours later that the friar awoke and reached out his arm. He sat up and realised that the sister had gone. They were to meet down at the parkland at 1pm for a picnic. He got up and went to wash his face. A heart shape was drawn on the mirror with soap.

Once he had washed, he turned on the computer and found the following message:


thanks very much for your explanation's so far ok, but know that i will show you that i am not a pegan,and that trully everything's will be alright by the Mighty Power and protection of God.

there is nothing like disappointment in it yet,disappointment will cropped up when after your receipt of this fund,i will not know again your whereabout.yes,you promised to help but remember that MAN propose,and God dispose' is the will and wish of God that will prevail ok.frankly speaking,i wonder how it will look like when you acknowlegded this fund into your account and i come to experience disappointment as you have early this time started confessing of your kind disppointment to me.

Yes, thought the friar, this man is going to propose. I wonder how disposed God will be?

i know that you will not make me a liar,but what do you want me to tell this young reputable attorney on his visitation to my office by tomorrow?.

i remain with patience till thursday like you said because i believed and trusted you,and will continue hoping till after tomorrow.

God bless,
best regard's

blessing justice.

The friar didn't see much point in answering the message, closed it and went out to find the makings of a picnic.

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