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“Your car?” said the friar thoughtfully. “Let me see now...have you looked where you last had it?” The Abbot looked at him. It was not a good look.

“Wait! yes! I have seen it. At the convent, I think. I tell you what, I will go and get it for you!” declared the friar and headed off purposely down the road.

Behind him the Abbot watched him go. His mouth opened and closed a few times but no sound came out.

Inside on the computer the following message appeared:

Attn;Mr.Friar Augustus Tuck.

I trusted everything in the hand of God and also rely on you as you said while waiting.After sending of this $1,800 dollar's directly to the lawyer,kindly forward an application letter first thing tomorrow morning requesting for your fund from our bank as soon as possible ok.

You should fax it to the office fax number 00229326984 for official receipt before proceeing's.

God bless you.


Blessing Justice.

It was some hours later that the monastery assembled to watch a most strange procession entering the quadrangle. The Abbot's car was being pulled by Ermintrude, the Convent's cow. The friar was steering the car and honking on the horn. A chicken sat on the bonnet.

The small ensemble stopped outside the Abbot's quarters. The Abbot looked at the friar. The friar looked at the Abbot. There was a long awkward silence.

“Okay! I'll fix it.” said the friar.

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