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The friar woke, washed and dressed.

One the computer he found the following message:

Dear Mr.Augustus,

Thanks vrey much for your letter,contents dully noted very well.

Dully? muttered the friar, I didn't think my letters were all that bad. Why does he persist in calling them dull?

If i may ask,you said that i should trust you and you are capable to assist,what is happening now.

Do you want to make a liar to the lawyer or what?.Very puzzling indeed ok.The question and answer issue will not become a long story to hear.Just use it and send this money to him so that he would start his job for you immediately.It sound's very delaying and you should bear with me that this transaction does'n't require delay ok.Let us go forward but nothnig than getting the vital paper's for your name and seeing your name been used for all that will make thimgs business progressive at the end and for ou to receive this fund very safe.

Me? Delaying? How can he say such a scurrilous thing, wondered the friar.

While waiting for your urgent responce,have you made the payment as you promised?.Show me no doubt ok.

I am and I will! exclaimed the mauve mouthed monk.

Best regard's,

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

The friar found his sandals, both of them, put them on and walked out into a beautiful sunny morning. He was whistling.

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