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It is said that first impulses are good.

The friar's first impulse was to smile, although the Sister later told the enquiry that it was more of a smirk.

This was not good. He found himself on the receiving end of a furious young lady weilding a sandal that she had found in the corridor. “You said it would be okay. ” (Whack!) “You said that I would not suffer any consequences. ” (Whack!) “ Now look at me! ” (Whack!) “ How long before my mouth goes purple too? ” (Whack!) She gave him one last whack and stormed out of the room. The friar lay on the floor, not really wanting to move.

Above him a message appeared on the computer screen:

Attn:MrFriar Augustus Tuck

God bless you too,Mr.Augustus!.

Please don't use a long question and answer.This is a very simple thing to understand ok. When you go to the town by tomorrow,just use BROTHER as the question as it now and SISTER as the answer because you have choosen sister for the answer,then i use brother as the question.


confirm this above and proceed further.What i need from you is nothing but confidentiality of this transaction,truth,integrity,transparency and accountability of this fund after your reciept finish.

Yes,i want you to believe me and you should know that as far as i am having all your particular's with me i must continue trusting you till the end of this transaction for i strongly believed you as christian.

I have confide the confidence in you in good faith and confidence and for our mutual benefit in this business for we shall have many other thing's to do after this business ok.

God bless you in Christ Jesus,Amen!.

Blessing Justice.

The friar didn't really care.

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