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The friar was on his hands and knees looking for his lost sandal in the hallway. In due course he found a sandal. It contained a foot and quite neatly matched a second sandal, also containing a foot.

“Have you lost something?” He recognised the voice and looked up, straight into the concerned eyes of Sister Innocence Personified. He wanted to say something. He even tried to say something. But the only sound that was heard was a strange gurgle that sounded almost but not entirely like the final gasp of a speared gazelle. (Grant's, not Thomson's).

A veritable seething whirlpool of emotions he scurried back into his room with as much dignity as a friar on his hands and knees and missing a sandal can muster, shut the door and sat leaning against the door for a long, long time. Every so often someone would knock on the door and, after a while, go away again. A piece of paper was slipped under the door. He looked down at it but did not open it.

A beep on his computer told him a message had arrived. He went over to read it:

Attn:Mr.Friar Augustus Tuck.

Thanks very much for your kind responce,contents dully noted accordingly.I am also happy for you ok,more remorse acknowledegd from you my dear.

'I wish he wouldn't call me his dear' mutter the friar.

Yes,things will surely proceed to a truly and fruitful stand as far you are following my instruction's which is nothing more than the bank modalities,and for us to achieve our objective of knowing eachother through this fund.


Listen,never you think too much about any amount you are spending as far as this transacton is concern there is nothing like common human frailty of spending money from your mind ok.Just hand everything's in the control God Amighty.Your faith shall set you free,and same to me for confiding such trust and interest on you.Really it will be so soon for iam very very sure till at the end, I am sure.

The friar had a distinct feeling that he was being bamboozled with words. He read it and reread it, to no avail.

Try as possible as you can by first thing tomorrow, go to the city and find one of the bank's doing Western Unions Money Transfer in your country.The control number's are secret number's indicting that you have send some amount of money to someone eslewhere,which will grant the person to receive with any question behind.It is 12digits in number's.While the security question and security answer is like QUESTION=AUGUSTUS,ANWSER=JUSTICE.

note:This is the three step question's the lawyer will receive when he arrived to the bank for the collection of his money.Well i will be sending him to the bank for the retrievals with my Secretary ok.All this requirement's are very very important,you need to get these for the lawyer.

Best regard's,

Yours Trully,

Blessing Justice.

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