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The sun streamed into Friar Tuck's room. The friar, buried deep below the blankets, was oblivious to it for quite some time. A warm, moist tongue probing his left ear had a better success. The friar's slow approach to consciousness was being coloured by the sensuous exploits of his ear and a quite pleasantly erotic transcription of this sensation was playing out in the cloistered halls of his mind.

The smell was a worry though.

His mind associated the smell with rotting cabbage and seemed quite at odds with the physical sensation going on elsewhere. He turned his head and opened his eyes to find himself nose to nose with Dolt, the monastery's red setter.

The dog, recognising the intent in the friar's eyes, made a dash for the door. A sandal followed him into the hallway.

The friar got up, washed the dog slobber from his ear and turned on the computer:

Attn:Friar Augustus Tuck.

Thanks oncemore for your kind remorse concerning the closure of my box i reported to you this morning.I must express my feeling in confessing that trully i am into a better hand as far as this fund is concern ok.

Kind remorse? That's a new concept, thought the friar.

I strongly believed you that we shall proceed to success and great things,and I know also in my heart too.Actually there is nothing difficulty to understand my languages. To go striaght to the point,the wire transfer is all about the step i will take immediately after the necessary document's has been secured with your name,and it involve only for you to sight the fund into your account and give me feed back for the receipt.
While the $1,800 is the part-payment of the total charges of $3,600 dollar's requested by the lawyer on invitation for you.Don't fear ok,and note that lawyer is not for me but was invited for your sake because of the vital paper's to procure with your name.
You should arrange the $1,800 dollar's and direct it directly to the name of the lawyer,at the
CONTROL NUMBER:---------------------------,
SECURITY QUESTION:---------------------------,
SECURITY ANSWER;------------------------------.
Kindly let your bank know that you are sending this money through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER to cotonou-Benin Republic,and i am choosing the above securiity information for the security of the money when receieving it from the bank here by the lawyer ok.

Hoping in hearing from while i remain,

Sincerely Your's,

Blessing Justice.

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