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The friar stood in the centre of the room and was feeling most uncomfortable. Sitting at the table in front of him was the Abbot. Beside the Abbot was the Prior and to the other side, the Mother Superior from the Convent. All three were attempting, but not quite succeeding, not to smirk. The friar stood there before them in purple stained misery.

The Abbot was speaking “Ok, Ok, you mistakenly took a mouthful of this tincture of...”
“ Gentian violet” said the Prior, consulting some notes in front of him.
“Thank you Prior, you mistakenly took a mouthful of this tincture of gentian violet which was given to you for spots on your...what?”
The friar mumbled something.
“What? Speak up man!”
Another mumble.
“What did he say Prior?” asked the Abbot.
The prior whispered in the Abbot's ear. “Oh! Really?”
“And...ah, I mean, who...?”
“I'd rather not say” replied the friar.
“You must. You must tell us the name of the woman concerned.” said the Abbot.
The friar stood not talking for what seemed like ages. “Sister Lily White” he said at last.
The Abbot looked at the Prior. The Prior looked at the Abbot. Neither would look at the Mother Superior. Both were looking a little pale.
“Ahem. Well, thank you” said the Abbot “I think as penance you should spend the day polishing the mirrors in the Great Hall and reflecting on your misdemeanors. That will be all.”

It was some hours later that the friar returned to his room and checked his mail.

Attn:Mr.Friar Augustus Tuck.

Easter monday to you and your family.May the Almighty God in Heaven guide and protect we all in Jesus mighty name i pray Amen.What is confusing in my letter.I couldn't understand what is happening.Just a simple explanation's.

The friar read this and shook his head.

Listen very very my dear,there is no way the lawyer can be paid from the fund after the transaction is complete because you are to prove to him that trullly my contacting him as legal Advisor on your behalf is real,and that you are having a fund with our bank which you highly needed very urgent into your church account.Very simple to understand.

The friar didn't understand.

The death and life is on our lips ok.If you trully believe me and really want assist this family and to share acordingly,you are mandated to source for the general approval by substituting for the expendenture's involved.I don't ever want the lawyer to be an issue to discuss because i strongly believe you that it is will be easy for you know that you have acquire all thye neccessary paper's approved before i can start action.Prove your seriouseness to me to handle this transcation perfectly,received this fund and do as you guaranteed in your letter.You are sighting this fund into your church account immediately after acquiring of the vital document's to ascertain you as the bonafide beneficairy and to make the further procedure's on the wire transfer easier.

Good grief! thought the friar. This guy talks in tongues!

Note:Know that each day in a man's life is a good day but the best day is the D-day you achieve your aim and objectives in your endeavour's.I am resuming to the office by tomorrow after the easter holiday,and will like to invite the lawyer to my office to discuss with him.You will only send the $1,800 dollar's as part-payment directly to the lawyer with his name,then after you might have acknowledged the receipt of this fund,you pay him the remaining balance.It is very easy to understand ok.

Sure! thought the friar. A piece of cake.

All expenditure's incured MUST be reducted from the total fund on transfer.

Well, thought the friar, that means I will get it back at least.

Best regard's,

Sincerely Your's,

Blessing Justice.

The friar decided to grab a bite to eat before answering this email. He slipped on his sandals and headed off across the quadrangle. He no longer cared what people thought.

As he turned the corner he saw what looked like the Abbot and the Prior entering the Apothecary's quarters.

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