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The Gregorian sounds of Puer natus est nobis fought their way through the mist into the friar's head. He rolled over, turned on the bedside lamp and dragged himself into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He stayed like this for a long time and then, like a weight-lifter doing the jerk part of a clean and jerk, lurched into a standing position. The thought that the term 'jerk' might be a fitting one entered the friar's mind, got a clip on the ear, and scurried out again. The friar made his way to the basin, raised his head, opened his eyes and screamed.

The sound of the Apothecary's laughter came back to him but the purple colour had never left him. “What do you mean 'It will have to wear off?'” he recalled asking at the time. The Apothecary was having hysterics on the floor and failed to respond to repeated kicking. Friar Tuck did not recall how he got back to bed that night but had a headache that could best be described as being of Biblical proportions.

Now, next morning, he wondered what he should do. He turned on his computer to see the following message:


Yes,you are very very right to refer me back where I said that there are no money to spend while this business progresses.

What I mean is that with regards to the transferring of this fund to you directly through my jusidiction which is the account department where I am working as the chief accounttant,you have noney to spend ok.The transfer charges will be reducted from the total amount involed but for the provision's of the document's with your name as the bonafide beneficairy before any transfer could be made,you are to take care of the expenditures legally with the banking protocols ok.

Enough of the 'ok's, ok?, thought the fuzzy headed friar.

Mr.tuck,you are going to deal directly with the lawyer.I want him to know that trully he is doing a legal job.Let all that we going to do concerning this fund be handled with carefully ok!Well it was very unfortunate that the lawyer came to my office and couldn't see me while we are weekly Boards of Director's and Trustee meeting.I was in the meeting when my secretary came in to tell me that I have visitor,reaching inside my office it was the lawyer.I told him to come back by 10:00am tomorrow morning.

Since when do lawyers make house-calls? wondered the friar. He mulled over the concept of lawyers doing a legal job, it seemed only reasonable that they should, but decided to drop it.

Revert is the easiest way to say waiting for your responce.God knows what I am telling you is nothing but the trust no matter I didn't believe you can come to ask me all this question's.So I will only beg you to immediately remove doubt's,depression's,arguement's,setback's and delay in this God gifted opportunity to your church today which you are highly favour.

'What's a responce?' wondered the friar, 'and why would you wish to wait for one?' but he knew what the guy meant, or thought he did. What got his attention was the phrase 'I didn't believe you can come to ask me all this question's.' ALL THESE QUESTIONS? What is his problem? I asked two questions.

I am very happy now that you are trying to jeopardise all my efforts and to cropped up displeasement to this Widow .But if I may say,what do you mean by all this question's?.You are secretly embracing me and putting fear on me.You someone trusted by me since we come to know eachother.Did I do any wrong for knwing you.Do you want to put fear on me or what?.Remember that you are christain,why are doubting me.

The friar just looked at the screen and shook his head. 'Why me?' he asked no-one in particular.

My duty will start after all the approval's have been secured perfectly,and I am strongly telling you that you should removed doubt's from your mind so as not to spoil something for some family.You will see the good hand work of God Almighty after ok.

Feel free and ask question's where you didn't understand.We are to work as one team.This is a great chance.

The friar shook his head again. 'I ask questions, get beaten around the ears and now you say ask questions??? What is your problem?' he muttered.

Faithfully Yours,

Blessing Justice.

'More of a Blessed Twit' said the man with the purple mouth.

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