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When the friar had finished rinsing his mouth he looked in the mirror to find that his mouth was stained a disturbing purple colour. He groaned inwardly and decided that there was nothing to do but ask the apothecary's help. He was about to head off to see him when he saw that there was another message on the computer:

Attn:Mr.Friar Augustus Tuck.

Calvary greetings and Praise the Lord today that all is in perfect control ok!.

'Yeah, sure, perfect control', mumbled the friar through purple lips. His irony was lost on the computer.

While waiting to hear from you asap today,I am writing you just to let you know that my appointment with the lawyer is by 17:00 pm to come and pick up the mobalisation fee to start his job by first thing on tomorrow morning and to provide it on my table by next week monday morning unfairlingly with regards to my sitting with him in my office yesterday.

Friar Tuck reread the paragraph three times before deciding that perhaps it would make more sense in the morning.

I am also informing you with great assurance oncemore that immediately after his procurement of the relevant document's with your name genuinely so that it will not cropped up any question at your bank over there in Australia during time of receipt,it will take me nothing but three day's only to see for the APPROVAL'S in my office of jurisdiction,and will also take 24hour's for the Telegraphic Wire Transfer to take effect at your witness while the Transfer Payment Slip will be faxed to you immediately.

Remember that this is a confidential and secret transaction in good faith and confidence and as far as this transaction is progressing,I would not fail to get in touch with Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko before next friday for your Christlike assistance.So let your word remain your word after the receipt of this fund thereafter.

May the blessing of Our Lord Jesus Christ continue flowing into this transaction till at the end in Jesus Mighty Name I pray,AMEN!.

'Thanks' muttered the friar as he put on an outer cape to protect himself from the evening chill as he headed to the apothecary.

Your's Faithfully,

Mr.Blessing Justice

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