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The Bishop sighed, made himself a coffee and then typed the following:


I have returned to find all your emails and must apologise for my silence. It was not possible for me to access email during my travels.

I am most distressed to hear of the passing of your father. Please accept my most sincere condolences to yourself and the rest of your family.

With regard to Mrs Mobutu Sese Seko, I would prefer not to have to travel to London unless absolutely necessary. Certainly not for a little while. I returned to find the monastery in some disarray. The Mother Superior seems to have taken a few liberties in my absence and I must put some considerable effort into righting the situation.

What would you advise as the best course for a rapid conclusion of your transaction?

Yours ecclesiastically,

Taekes Pawnchek,
Bishop of Chesbord.

Through the window he caught sight of the Mother Superior striding across the quadrangle. He slipped the bolt on his door and hid in the bathroom.

There was a knock on his door...

All over folks...this email bounced. If anyone finds a Mr Blessing Justice out there, let me know his address.

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