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The Bishop opened the third and last email:

Attn: Bishop Taekes Pawnchek,

Good day today and how are the Monasteries?.How was the church building progressing?.

I am very surprise uptil this moment that since on the 11th of June being wednesday you sent a message to me till this time now i have not hear from you.Are you still on your travel or are you back till you hear from me?.Well presently i lost my dear Father and that is the reason and why you have not hear from me.I am just coming from etermate,and my opening of my email what i can see is message's from Mrs.Mobutu Sese Seko.She have been very very worried about the situation's of things within us.

Oh! thought the Bishop and for a moment was genuinely sad.

She is suggesting to meet you up overthere in london if you do not mind and will like to continue with you down to Australia.Is it good for you or not?.Will you like tp travel to london?.After my acceptance of the appalling letter sent to me by the Mother Superior of the Monastery i felt it is good to continue this dealings with you as you advised,but til now you are not corporating.

far go mate, I've been away...

Now are you still off to the Holy See or are you back and not interested to continue with me again?.Please get me informed so that i would know what to tell Mrs.Mobutu ok!.You promised visiting your bank to facilitate the transfer before your travelling.I want to know if you are no more interested to complete this transaction in good faith and confidence so that i can request a POWER OF ATTORNEY from you written with your church letter head paper and signed underneath so that i can fasten the completion of this deal.I assure you that if you are not interested again,there is no trouble but I,Blessing Justice will not and cannot forget to consider the Monastery because of the death of the two ABBOT'S while this business is progressing and before their sudden daeth occured ok!.I am christain like you alright.

Kindly revert ASAP,while i remain in keen interest in advance for CHRIST-SAKE.

Revert? To what?

God bless we all.

Blessing Justice.


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