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The Bishop opened the next email:

Attn:Bishop Pawnchek,

How are you today and was journey?.I hope you travelled very safetly.I wish you good health,long life and prosperity in all your endeavour's.

I have been thinking how it will look like since i didn't hear from you again before you travelled out with regards to our discussion before the mandated date for your travelling.Did you later made the payment Or not because i am suggesting passing signal to the london people by next week concerning your non capabilty to recieve this fund through diplomatic means.If may suggest, will you like me to get them informed that you travelled and they should be hearing from me asap while i finalised first of all for this payment and for feel free concerning your ommission in travlling out.You know your travelling is for God-sake.

Or will like to travel from there direct to london for the receipt of this fund for a lot of delay's has been incured.

Kindly tell me if Mother of the Monastery is taking care of this transaction at the present time or is she going to tell you tomorrow how the two Widow's of the late Abbot is going to receive.Let us be sincere,they must be absolutely recognised as far thgis transaction if concern please.I strongly felt of them and their Children.

The Mother is not taking care of anything!

Note:I am waiting for your urgent response to this message so that i can understand what is going and what i can do.

Me too.

Remain bless in Jesus Christ Mighty Name I Pray AMEN!.

Your's Faithfully,

Blessing Justice.


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