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The Mother Superior was pacing the room, holding a handful of colour swatches. “Avocado Blush? No, I don't think so. Dog cock pink? No, too bright. Brass Monkey Blue? Mmmm...maybe...”

The computer made gurgling noises, indicating the arrival of a letter...“Ah!...the builder!”

Attn:Mrs.Brunhilda Gnutsgeschmashen,
The Mother Abbot Of St.Rumpet's Monastery & Orphanage.
The Mother Superior Of the Convent of the Divine Contractions.

Dear Madam,

Thanks very much your letter which i highly acknowleged in good faith and confidence with all the contents dully noted accordingly.I am sorry in the late reply to you this morning.

More gresse to your elbow for being the Mother Superior of the Convent of the Divine Contractions and also been promoted to honorary Abbot of the Monastery of St.Rumpet's for an indefinite term.That is a great position in the House of God and Christ-like duty.

Actually the building memorial plans for the two previous Abbots will be at your sight on presentation by me on visitation to the Monastery by the end of this month of June 2003. Your idea of reviewing the plans and changing the colour scheme is your absolute right ok.Your are free at this moment but that will require my presence with your while i am in your country so that we can put heads together and work as a team. For your urgent advise and attention everythings are fine until you receive me in Australia.There is no problem in reviewing the plans if your really wish to do that ok!.

Please, point of correction on my identity Madam,I am a Beniniose here in West/Africa.Our country was Dahomey before which has it's capital city as Port-Novo,presently now called Cotonou as the capital aright.We have common boarder with the Togo Republic at the East,Burkina Faso at the West,Niger Republic at the North,and Nigeria at the South Coast of Africa called SEME.I was a Accouttant student of University Of Accra-Ghana.Presently I am the Chief Accounttant of the National Bank Of Benin today here in Cotonou-Benin Republic.Well it is the late Abbot Andrew Costella and Friar Augustus Tuck that knows me very very well.My endurance remain in the good hand of God who joined us together.

Oncemore,i am highly greatful for your concern and wishing you happy church control and as the Mother,you will not forget the Widow's and their son's In Mighty Jesus Christ Name I pray Amen!.

Your's Sincerely,

Blessing Justice.

“Don't you point that correction at me, boy!”

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