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The Bishop read his mail that morning in silence.

Attached to Mt Justice's letter was a copy of the Mother Superior's letter.

“She called me a flaccid wimp!”. The Bishop was not happy.

Attn:Bishop.Taekes Pawnchek

Thank very much for your concern and understanding to my last message to you.I will like you to deal with the London connection as soon as possible with regards to the account details as follow‚s:

SORT CODE:20 52 74
A/C NO:42815177

Certainly we are going to meet together with Mrs Mobutu after the successful steps and your receipt of this fund at your door-step. It is a great invitation for us to be around at the opening ceremony of the Abbot‚s memorial.Thanks once more on the correction of your residence address and your name respectively.I have urgently pass the correction over ther to them.I would have replied you since when I saw your letter but I only want to finalised with the London Security/Finance firm regarding to your correct address so as not to do any mistake.The consignement is coming directly to you within seven working day‚s after their receipt of the handling charges,precisely before Friday morning by next week ok!.The is the asurance i received yesterday afternoon.

Kindly note that after your payment of this money to their barcley bank account now at your perusal,you should forward to me the payment slip through attachment file for my study,and also for me to pass the information‚s to them to start all the neccessary arrangement‚s for the courier cargo diplomatically and officially in your favour.I solemnly accepted your apology.Well something quite alarming has arisen but there is nothing bad or wrong as far as all is Christ-like assistance.I can see that you have passed immediate control of the monastery over to the Mother Superior from the nearby convent,if I may ask is she taking absolute care of this fund after receipt and is she meeting together with us when we arrive Australia?.She have already contacted me.

Please while waiting to hear from you,i want you to act accordingly while i remain keen interest in advance.

God bless,

Blessing Justice.

“A flaccid wimp!”.

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