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The Mother Superior swept out of the room in a huff.

The Bishop had flatly refused to let her take over the monastery on a full time basis; caretaker while he was away was one thing but long term it would not look good to have a Mother Superior in charge of a monastery. She had tried to use her feminine charms on him but he had wisely positioned himself in the bathroom and locked the door. He had heard about the demise of the Abbot's door so he realised that it may be a short term victory.

He snuck out of the bathroom and turned his attention to an email from that had come from the Nigerian chap:

Attn:Bishop Taekes Pawnchek,

I have received your message and cannot see anything that will make to be confused.

Yes,you have to do that so as to make things easy going because at this point of time we have nothing like time to waste please.Your question's are very vital and need much explanations ok.The london people are the Security/Finance house that is handling this consignment.They are the people Late Abbot Costello suppose to meet overthere in london to cliam out this fund for Mrs.Mobutu. They are in london.You can only pay to them through their account before this consigment will leave to your door-step which all the arrangment will effected as soon as possible after this handling charge payment has been made.

So feel free to ask question because you are just opportuned which i felt is your God and the God of the Monastery.Please i don't want any delay to crop up.You need to ascertain the ownership of this fund in a very firm stand ok.Nothing to doubt or argue about.This is arranged into diplomatic baggages and cannot be open till at the sight of the owner which you are standing as the next of to the depositor today.All the relevant documents has been approved with the name of the late Abbot and the Monastery church letter head paper's.

I'll believe it when I see it, thought the Bishop.

I highly appreciate your idea's in taking absolute care of the widow's of the late Abbot's and to be called the Old Abbots Diehard Memorial Brothel and Alehouse. Do what i am telling now so that we can end this transaction with you Bishop ok!I would not like you to involve anybody in this transaction.I shall be contacting the london Security/Finance to forward their account to me so that i can send it acros to you for this payment so that this fund will be at your sight in your house address.Kindly re-comfirm this address as arranged because this how i will like to send it to london for the cargo:-



My faith and hope in the ability and commitment to Mrs.Mobutu to finding a lasting solution for your receiving of this fund and sourcing a profitable business investment where her 80% of the fund will be invested.I highly believed that you will not disappoint me.All is well for i will be paying you a well-thought-out-courtesy visit in Australia soonest and i want the Monastery building to be perfectly completed.

So, i should take you with your words with your letter of guarantee.No doubt no matter we are into a stormy period where we have lost two of Our Beloved ABBOT'S.On your receipt of this fund Mrs. Mobutu will meet you first,while i would start arranging to apply for annual leave which is to a duration of one month.

Hoping to hear from you very URGENT.

Faithfully Your's,

Blessing Justice.

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