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Friar Augustus Tuck, now residing at St.Rumpet's Monastery and Orphanage, looks to supplement the building fund.

For variety, these letters are woven around various happenings to Friar Tuck. The actual text of the letters are 'as received' and 'as sent', the brown text is fictional and woven in later.

Later, letter 34, the Abbot of the monastery enters into the correspondence as well.

Later still, at letter 75, Bishop Taekes Pawnchek has a passing role.

Even later still, at letter 102, the Mother Superior takes over.

Last addition: July 3rd., 2003.
All over folks...the last email bounced. If anyone finds a Mr Blessing Justice out there, let me know his address.

  1. My name is Mr.Blessing Justice.
  2. The new chapel, solarium and fornicatorium.
  3. Contents dully noted
  4. Sisters of the Divine Contractions
  5. You will be more happier and more hopeful than this time around.
  6. I trust the Lord finds you well and truly.
  7. Feel free to ask any question if there is any Ok!
  8. I wish you whatever you wishes me Ok!
  9. Do you have any idea on how to cook a wombat?
  10. I laugh haaaaaaaaaaa.
  11. The gentleman seems to hold a grudge most unreasonably.
  12. So let your word remain your word.
  13. Revert is the easiest way to say waiting for your responce.
  14. You do seem to be getting unnecessarily agitated.
  15. The modalities needed to propel this transaction in perfect condition.
  16. I had a thought.
  17. The death and life is on our lips ok.
  18. I believe I heard my first Christmas carol this morning.
  19. I have been trying to open it but all my effort's proves abortive.
  20. I too have been blocked from my box.
  21. Thanks oncemore for your kind remorse.
  22. I am happy to hear that your box is working again.
  23. Just hand everything's in the control God Amighty.
  24. Question: Who personifies innocence?
  25. Please don't use a long question and answer.
  26. Bring Men Whimpering
  27. Show me no doubt ok.
  28. What some people may call a pig of a day.
  29. I trusted everything in the hand of God
  30. Do you want to make me a liar to the lawyer or what?
  31. Is it wise for a friar to feel this way?
  32. i will show you that i am not a pegan.
  33. Well i am still waiting to hear from you by tomorrow.
  34. He will be given a dishonourable discharge.
  35. I am totally disappointed by Mr.Friar Tuck.
  36. He has been incarcerated in the penitentiary cell.
  37. I feel that I am quite at sea here.
  38. The monastery are the blessed people ok.
  39. I pray you not be so hasty.
  40. Far away from the prissy busy-bodies.
  41. God bless you and me too.
  42. Now I feel quite drained.
  43. I will reprayer for you in my members.
  44. I take it for its medicinal properties, of course.
  45. Hurry up IF YOU MEAN BUSINESS.
  46. Mildred, one of the Monastery's goats.
  47. Forgive Mr.Friar for what ever wrong he has done.
  48. This is an internal affair.
  49. i never give him audience,do you know?
  50. I am absolutely sure alright.
  51. I probably miss the goat.
  52. You are the brian behind the monastery bank account
  53. I am ho sappy to remess your ceivage.
  54. I mean that i am not happy ok.
  55. what is wrong?
  56. Have you been drinking?
  57. Please don't to go to the western union.
  58. Nor was there any mention of the goat.
  59. Well there is nothing bad with your idea's but...
  60. Saint Blessing, patron saint of the financially inept, perhaps?
  61. Yes, a great interested honour to acknowledged.
  62. Sabbatical leave to study classical wisdom as distilled from the Malt Colleges in the Highlands.
  63. I am a christain by birth by name blessing ok.Here i laugh.
  64. I remain keen interest in advance.
  65. The information you require.
  66. That is the bond i had with your boy Friar Tuck.
  67. Do you think I could bring her to London?
  68. Kindly pardon Mr.Tuck no matter what wrong he has done to you ok.
  70. Please do pardon Tuck as a Christian.
  71. I trust that you shall meet me at the airport.
  72. I shall be here in Africa to monitor events.
  73. My happiness remains great ok!
  74. Wishing yougoodluck.
  75. Abbot Costello will not be able to fulfil his side of this meeting.
  76. What a shock news!
  77. I can understand you doubting my story.
  78. I am totally in sorry,do you know that?
  79. I felt quite crushed.
  80. Really the Bishop have taking over the transaction.
  82. The well known spiritual healer, Johnny Walker.
  83. Presently, i am waiting to hear from TUCK.
  85. I am finding resistance from the nuns.
  86. Congratulation and more greese to your elbow.
  87. A subtle but significant recognition.
  88. One with God is majority.
  89. While I am here on this earthy sphere.
  90. There has been much inconvienvies and stress.
  91. Don't they realize that it is just a momentary physical thing?
  92. You know that in christain race now you are like Mandela of South Africa.
  93. You are most kind but quite misguided!
  94. There is modalities before the fund would be released to you ok!
  95. I regret that I must contact you once again.
  96. Notwithstanding,I shall like to complete this transaction with you.
  97. That is a currency seldom seen in Australia.
  98. Please don't be paranoid.
  99. Old Abbots Diehard Memorial Brothel and Alehouse.
  100. Your question's are very vital and need much explanations ok.
  101. I certainly look forward to meeting Mrs Mobutu and yourself.
  102. At the very least I will want to change the colour scheme.
  103. She have already contacted me.
  104. Please continue all future dealings with me.
  105. Barclay's Bank - Their response to the news of their bank being used to facilitate a Nigerian money scam.
  106. I am a Beniniose.
  107. This is a delicate question, but have you been screened for AIDS?
  108. She have never prove to be true Mother.
  109. You know your travelling is for God-sake.
  110. Is it good for you or not?
  111. The Mother Superior seems to have taken a few liberties...