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Thommo seems a little pissed off...

Fair bite of the pineapple donut!- from Norman Gunston, I think. A plea for a fair go.
Mongrels - dogs of indeterminate parentage
Short and curlies - pubic hair
Quid - money, formerly a pound
Bonza - really good.

Jeez Julie! Fair bite of the pineapple donut!

$12,500?? What the hell is this demurrage that it costs so bloody much? It's not the sort of stuff I keep just lying under the bed, you know.

Why can't the bastards just take it out of the money in the trunks and be done with it. Least that way they'll know that me cheque wont bounce.

Let me know, will ya. It seems real bloody peculiar sort of deal. These mongrels seem to think that they have got you by the short and curlies and that they can milk you for all you're worth. I'd stand up to them Julie. Bet you a quid they fold under pressure. Tell that you'll be fucked if you'll pay that sort of money and see what they do.

Send a cheerio to Pat. Look forward to meeting him.

Cheers mate, have a bonza day,


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