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The sting commeth...

From:Julius Emade,
Be informed that i have sent you name to a lawyer here to prepare the power of anttorney that will empower you to clear the trunks on my behalf i will send the document to you as soon as is ready, i will also send to you the contact information of the security company so that you can call them and book an appointment with them on when you will arrive Amsterdam to clear the trunks.

My son's name is Patrice and we are looking forward to meet you. (Jeez, Julie, ya can't expect me to call a bloke 'Patrice'...)

I have a problem but I do not really know how to tell you this but I will have to beg you to please try and assist me.
I contacted the security company today again to inform them that you will come and clear the trunks on my behalf that was when they informed me that the trunk has accumulate a demurrage that we need to pay before they can release the trunks to you and I do not have any means to raise the money need to clear the trunks you know I am a refugee hear.
I beg you my good friend to come to my aide since you are willing to help please try and help me take the money need to release trunks along with you to Amsterdam so that they will release the trunks to you when you get there.

The money they total to $12,500. (Crikey!) I beg you to please try and understand my situation and help me out. I promise I will pay you back all your expenses from my own share of the money as soon as the money is in your possession.
I am hoping that you will be able to travel to Amsterdam to clear the trunks for me Before the end of next week so that we will have a great Christmas. (Fanflamintastic!)

My phone number is xxxx feel free to call me anytime for more discussion.

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Best regards and God bless you.
Julius Emade (1971)

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