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Thommo gives out a few family secrets...

Bonza - Good.
Footie - football
Barrack - support
Scarper - run away
Ron Barrassi, Hassa Mann - Melbourne Footballers of the 60s.
Dunny - Toilet
Bells - Bell's Beach (surf beach)

Gidday Julie,

Great to hear from you again, mate. Of course I'm willing to help you. No probs. You seem a decent enough sort of fellah and if I get a day or two in Amsterdam well, so much the better, eh? Isn't that where they have the tarts all naked in the windows? You know what, Julie, I've never been too keen on shopping. Real blokes don't do that sort of thing, y'know? But, struth, if that's true about the windows then I'm going to have a bonza sort of a holiday!

What's your son's name, Julie? Love to meet him. Does he play footie?

My full name is Steven Ronald Barrassi Thompson. Me Dad barracked for Melbourne. He only put the Steven in 'cause me Mum said she'd fuckin' scarper on him if he didn't, you know what I mean? Even then she was a bit dark on him for it. Of course when the dill named me sister Narelle Hassa Mann Thompson she blew her stack and pissed off up the bush somewhere and shacked up with some shearer. Never saw her again.

My phone is (03) xxxx xxxx and the fax is (03) xxxx xxxx. I'm not sure but I reckon you need to drop the 0 and put 61 in there somewhere about.

And it's absolutely confidential, too right it is. Has to be; it's locked in the dunny. Been there since Colin ate a fax from the surf club telling me about an all-nighter at Bell's. T'was all over by the time I heard about it. Col's been in the bad books ever since.

Cheers, mate.

Thommo (with the 1971 ute!)

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