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Moving along nicely. What is it with Amsterdam and these guys?

From: Julius Emade.

Dear Friend and partner,

I am happy to receive your mail. i am touched to know that you are willing to assist me. i thank you for your big heart and kind sympathy. you have my faithfulness and loyalty always (woof!) and i will never do anything to spoil this friendship which we have begun. i beg you to have patience and understanding for me so that we can complete this transaction and i can now come down to your country with my son to meet with you and build upon our relationship. (Hey! C'min Julie, I'm not a boy like that.)

The security company where the trunk box is presently lodged is in Amsterdam, Holland. it is lodged in my name. everything is going to be done legally. i have already informed the security company of my intention to have someone else collect the consignment on my behalf and they have informed me of the steps to take. I am going to prepare a power of attorney authorizing you to collect the trunk box and deal with its content. therefore, i will need your full name exactly as it is on your identification papers i.e. your international passport or driver's license. i will fax the power of attorney to you as well as the original airway bill for the shipment. i will need your confidential fax number for this purpose. you will take this documents with you to Amsterdam and present them for the consignment to be released to you.

I will also give you the name and telephone number of the official in charge of the delivery of the consignment so that you can call him and book an appointment with him as to when you will be coming to Amsterdam to collect the trunk.

Remain blessed until i hear from you again.

Truly yours,
Julius emade(1971)

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