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Thommo is enthusiastic in his reply:

Ute - Utility truck, Pick-Up in the US.
Mick Malthouse - Coach of Collingwood Football Club.
Eau de Cologne - Phone

Gidday Julie,

Crikey, this is a bit mysterious, what with code numbers and all all that crap but if yous say it's needed well, you're the boss.

1971 was the year of me first Ute so it'll be easy enough to remember.

You say that this things based on the fear of God. I didn't know Mick Malthouse was known in Africa. Struth, that guy's everywhere!

Hope ya don't mind me calling ya Julie? Julius is a bit ladidah and poofy, doncha reckon? Even Julie's a bit sissy, but it is an improvement.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong Julie, but are you saying that I have to go to Europe? Fanflamintastic mate! They tells me that the grog flows all the way to London. And that ya just sit there and some tart brings the cans to you! Man, that is close to heaven!

Me? Tell any one? No way, mate. Word of honour. Cross me heart and hope to die in a cellar full of rats on me birthday. Just me dog, Colin.

You can call me on the eau de cologne +613 xxxx xxxx and the fax is +613 xxxx xxxx.

Cheers mate,


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