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The reply is fairly positive:

From:Julius Emade,
Dear Friend,

I received your response to my mail with so much happiness. i must thank you for your interest to assist this transaction, which shall be based on mutual respect, honesty and above all, the fear of god. (Who? Mammon?) i want to believe that you are sincerely ready to assist me, as i cannot afford to lose this business. i am prepared to have entire confidence in you to do the business with all honesty and to give me my share of the money when it is finally transferred to you.

Like i said before, I am in south Africa where am presently residing as a war refugee in a refugee camp. i may not know too much about you but i pray you are the god sent person to assist me clear the funds presently at the security company and bank it for me.

It is very important we adopt a code now that we are ready to do this deal. our code is "1971". any message i send to you must carry the code and if i call you, you must always be the one to ask me of the code before you discuss anything with me. the reason for this is to ensure it is i you are dealing with, taking into consideration the confidential nature of this transaction. I lost my wife and two of my kids (joy-23 and martha-21) in the conflict. i am presently in south Africa not of my choosing but because i have no where else to go. i lost all my belongings during the massacre.

We have to keep the transaction confidential due to the large amount of money involved. i cannot afford to lose this money i have waited so patiently to claim all these years. at present, it is only you and i that are aware of its existence.

The us$22m presently with the security company is all i have left. this money is entirely in cash (united states dollars), hundred dollar bills to be precise. for now, i can only inform you that the security company is in Europe. i will only give you further details once i am convinced that you are willing to help me. like i mentioned in my first letter to you, i did say the funds are in cash, and for this reason, extra security measures have been taken to ensure its safety.

Immediately i receive your intention to cooperate, i shall effect a change of beneficiary in your favour and instruct the officials of the security company to release the trunk box to you. i shall fax to you the airway bill for the shipment of the consignment and a power of attorney from me which you will take with you to meet with the officials of the security company in Europe.

It is after the fund is successfully in your possession that we will have the capacity to discuss type and terms of investment i will use my share for. Please , i implore you to keep everything about this business strictly confidential until the funds have been transferred to your account.

I am ready to give you 30% of the money i.e. us$6.6m for your assistance.

Please send me your telephone and fax number.

Your immediate response will be appreciated
Best regards,

Julius Emade "1971"

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