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The money hasn't turn up. Thommo is getting anxious.

Hey Julie,

What gives, mate?

Me and the missus have been down the coast for a few days for a bit of a break, you know. Sand, sea, beer, barbies and a good bit of screwing about the place, if you understand what I mean. Didn't half freak out the tarts from the bird watching club. They should cough or something before they come over the dunes. Found a few tits and cocks they weren't looking for.

Anyways, I gets back fully expecting a message to collect the trunks from the transport company as youse promised and there was nothing. Not a fuckin sausage mate.

Twelve and a half grand is a serious amount of beer money to shell out. Especially when I had to sell Mick's ute to raise half of it. You think he wasn't pissed off with me when he found out?

So what is happening? You promised clearance and air freight would only take a week, two max. I've got a real bad feeling about this Julie.


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