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Thommo returns from a successful trip to Amsterdam where he met Julius and handed over his $12,500.

Well he thinks it was Julius...

(Yab Yum is, I am told (!), a brothel in Amsterdam. Thanks to a local for some on the ground info about hotels and restaurants and things.)

Gidday Julie,

Geez, it's good to be home. Raylene had her own special way of welcoming me home, too. Not all that different to Titiana at 'Yab Yum'. Though I can't tell her that. Colin's not half glad to see me, too. Traveling's fun but the flights bore me shitless, you know what I mean? Twenty two hours in a tin bloody can. Mind you, the beer was good, though the loo was a bit tricky to get to at times.

Anyways, thank you for all your help. It was brilliant finding you at the airport like that. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. Is Amsterdam always that cold? Cold enough to freeze the walls off a bark humpy, it was. I felt a right dill in shorts and a singlet. I'm glad to be home, I tell ya. The mob at the bureau forecast 40 degrees for tomorrow. But I wouldn't trust em to forecast the date correctly, a bit wobbly at times if you know what I mean, so we will take it as it comes.

I hope you don't mind, I gave you as my contact in Amsterdam. The folk at the Amstel might contact you about the towels and ashtrays.

Raylene reckons I shouldn't have given you the $12,500 but you looked like a decent sort of chap to me. When do you think the money in the trunks will clear the authorities and get in to my account? That will shut the bitch up!

Thanks once again,

Your mate,


PS: I'm sorry if I embarrassed you at the Struisvogel place, I dunno why the waitress screamed like that. Any tart with a low cut dress like that has got to expect the customers to test the fruit, if you know what I mean. Especially if they lean over the table. It's only natural. I hope the coppers don't expect me back in town for the court case?

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