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Thommo gets a late cancellation and heads to the airport.

By a curious twist of fate, he will be arriving on the same flight as Hu Flung Dung.

Gidday Julie!

How ya goin'? It has been a ripper of a day today. The beers cold. The days hot. And the Aussies are giving the Poms a right thrashing in the Cricket. It's a bloody beautiful day in God's own country mate, too right it is.

Ok. I have news. I sent Raylene of to Traveland to see if they could beat Flightcentre and as luck would have it there was a cancellation just while she was standing there listening to the drongo behind the counter say that I had no chance of getting a flight. Stuck up bastard, he was too. But Raylene got me on a flight to Amsterdam this afternoon!

I came home to find Raylene had chucked a six pack of tinnies and half a dozen jockettes in a case and was waiting to take me to the airport. I don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha at the moment.

Gotta run.

The flight is KL4102 and it gets into Amsterdam 0630hrs on Monday.

Cheers mate. Stick a beer in the fridge.


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