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Meanwhile Julius cracks the shits...

From:Julius Emade,
Dear Friend,
I must let you know that I am not in anyway happy with the way you are sounding in your email, I am not joking hear if you know you are not ready to help me out let me know so that I can contact another person because I do not have time to waste.

How do you expect them to take money from the trunks when they donāt know the content of the trunks.

Note that I am 54 years old man and all I need your help, if you know you can not help me raise the money to pay for the demurrage just let me know and do not delay the transaction. I told you that the trunks have been with them since 1997 that is why the demurrage has gone up to $12,500.
Hope to hear from you ASAP.
Best regards,
Julius Emade (1971)

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