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Chastened, Holmes replies:


I must apologise for my email to you yesterday. It was due to incomplete reading of your facsimile message. Such was my excitement at the looming prospects of extracting some money from this long delayed and often lamented transaction!

It was only after sending the reply that I realized that there was indeed a second email address with which I was required to make contact. For this I can offer no real excuse other than distraction and elation. The elation I have already mentioned, the distraction evolves from the near completion of my monograph on the ashes of one hundred and forty different varieties of pipe, cigar and cigarette tobacco. I am now in discussions with a publisher and the project has been weighing heavily on my mind. But I bore you, I am sure.

For that I must apologise.

I have contacted these gentlemen and shall return to you once I have the appropriate information.

Yours most sincerely,


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