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Holmes is still reluctant to pay the fee...

My Good Sir,

Greetings to your and your loved ones on a most admirable day.

I am most puzzled by your banking system there and you are yet to clarify this most irritating charge. Is it in Nigerian Dollars? Why should it be paid at all? It is my money we are talking about, are we not?

Surely the bank is holding my money to ransom, demanding exorbitant fees to provide what should be provided free of charge. I was inclined to pay it to keep things moving but now, since they have delayed so much, my humour is more the opposite.

What would you advise? Should I play these rogues games?

On a different tack, I presented my treatise on testicular proclivities to the editor of Nature but he felt that, lacking data from West Africa, it was a little superficial in its breadth. I would really appreciate it if your could advise me as to which of your testicles hangs lower and also whether you are right handed or left handed.

That's a good chap.


And that was the end of that.

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