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It had never really occurred to me that a bank such as Citibank would use Yahoo for its email correspondence. How silly of me.

However the following fax arrived last week: Citibank Fax and I felt compelled to answer.

My Good Sir,

You can not imagine my surprise at receiving your facsimile message. All the more extraordinary as I pride myself as being someone impervious to the lesser states of shock and awe. I am almost always in full anticipation of things long before they even begin to commence to start to occur.

And then there was your letter. Most extraordinary.

However, having said that, let me say this: I am most keen to receive the outstanding monies. The price of tobacco and violin strings climbs inexorably and the price of laudanum has been atrocious for years.

Such an inflow of funds would be most welcome.

Please advise as to the correct steps to be undertaken.

Yours most sincerely,

Sherlock Holmes.